• Why Choose Us

We’ve Turned Customer Service Into a Fine Art. Here are 7 Other Reasons You Should Visit Appliance Gallery

Reason 1: Only The Best Brands.

We’ve been around long enough to know which brands out-perform the rest. We know which brands are committed to technology and design, which have the best service and which brands customers come back for. These are the brands we offer - the best brands with the best appliances, worldwide.

Choose from a range of prestige brands including Miele, Siemens,  Qasair and more.

After 20 years in the business, we’ve seen brands come and go. We know which ones are made to last the distance. The brands we stock have proven over years to be the most reliable best performing in their class. Our manufacturers invest time and money in technology and design so the appliances work well and look fantastic! We pride ourselves on service and reliability and expect the same from our suppliers, so when you buy from Appliance Gallery, you’re buying a brand that has our seal of approval for quality, reliability and service.

Reason 2: The Gallery Experience

Test household appliances and see them operate in a functional settings. Beautiful displays in bright, air-conditioned spaces make browsing Appliance Gallery an enjoyable day out!

Our Fyshwick premises are easy to reach from greater Canberra, with the space to make your visit a breeze. Spend time browsing the showroom and enjoy getting hands-on with the appliances. When you’re ready for assistance, our staff are there to help by consultation or demonstration. With ample parking, wheel chair access and air-conditioning, visiting Appliance Gallery is more than shopping for appliances, it’s a great day out!

Reason 3: Premium Customer Service

Enjoy the full attention of experienced, knowledgeable staff who to listen to your needs, assess your options and literally walk you through them. It’s the service you should expect from a premium supplier and it’s why our customers keep coming back.

As the business owners, we have a vested interest in making sure customers are happy. We believe when you invest in premium appliances, you deserve premium service, that’s why we’re so dedicated to customer care. We go the extra mile to ensure you get products that suit your needs. We really listen to what you want, and assess the best solutions. We take time to make sure you’re making the right choices for your home, which is the right choice for our business.

Reason 4: Expert Knowledge, Expert Advice

After 20 years of operation our staff are verified experts in household appliances! We know our products, we know our brands and we know our suppliers, so we know we can give you the very best service and advice - every time.

20 years in any industry is a long time. When our combined experience is taken into account, it adds up to great supplier relationships, inside knowledge on quality and design and a better understanding of new trends and technology. We know the best products to stock, and how to match them to your needs. We can advise on best maintenance practices and have the contacts to provide quality service. In short, when you’re dealing with people who’ve been around as long as us, you’re dealing with experts whose knowledge you can trust.

Reason 5: A Local Reputation That’s Hard to Beat!

When your business is located in an area like Canberra, a good reputation is vital. People know people, and people know us. We set out to make our service the best we can possibly deliver – it’s part of our commitment to customer care and it’s why our business is still here, 20 years on.

Owned and run by locals, for locals, we’re the oldest privately owned appliance outlet in Canberra. We’ve had time to build trust and credibility within our community and have made many lifelong customers within it. After all these years, Appliance Gallery remains a reputable and trusted community business, and is proud to continue serving the people of Canberra for years to come.

Reason 6: Try Before You Buy

You wouldn’t buy a car without a test-drive, so what about major household appliances? At Appliance Gallery, you get to take the wheel and test the appliances in-store, giving you a much better idea of which products suit you.

Not many stores allow this much interaction, but we believe when you buy household appliances, how they feel is as important as how they look. At Appliance Gallery, you can try the products you’re interested in to get a better understanding of what you like, what fits your usage style, and what suits your home. It’s fun too, so come in and get hands-on!

Reason 7: Comprehensive After Sales Support

We’re committed to looking after our customers long after saying goodbye, and it shows! We thrive on repeat business and word of mouth, which is why we’ve created in-house practices that ensure we continue looking after you and your appliances long after you have taken them home.

Whether it’s sourcing a record of purchase, liaising with suppliers or negotiating service options, our in-store practices assure customer support for the life of your appliances and beyond. When you purchase appliances from Appliance Gallery, you not only get the best products and service, you get long-term support you can count on.

Need to know more? Plan your visit to Appliance Gallery by contacting one of our staff members, or make it your next day out!